Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Could I use this pan for storing the cake in the fridge after baking and cooling the cake?
A : Of course! That is one of the great benifits to use this pan! One pan for baking, serving, and storing leftovers! The pan includes a lid that you can also use for storing in the fridge and bringing on the go. No need to transfer it to another dish or container.

Q: How deep are the springform pans?
A: The Springform pans are 2.5 inches deep. 

Q: are the springform pans dishwasher safe?
A: Yes! Elsterware's springform pans are dishwasher safe, but - as is with anything in the kitchen - for a longer-lasting pan, we recommend washing by hand (when you have the time!)






Smashing reviews


“Excellent product! I am very please with the Elsterware Springform Pan. It is sturdy, fits tightly together, latches well and is absolutely non stick! I forgot to spray my pan before baking and the cheesecake came out not sticking at all. I highly recommend this product!”

-Julie J. Day

“Fast shipping Beautifull color. Super for tranfer from oven to the party. Easy to use. I recommend it.” 


“This is my very first springform pan! The blue absolutely sold me – it is so pretty and bright, I love its splash of color in my kitchen. This was also my very first time baking with such a pan. I’ve always had some problem or another baking, and last night I made a pumpkin cheesecake, something I’ve been kind of scared to attempt. The spring on the side opened easily, and absolutely nothing stuck at all. I couldn’t believe how well it turned out! Then I didn’t even have to worry with plastic or foil, which is always a plus. Especially late at night, which is when I was done baking. The lid it comes with has a handle, too. So whenever I’m willing to share my baking I’ll be able to do so easily without making a mess in my car (: I’m so excited to bake even more with it!”


“I received my pan a week before the estimated delivery so the shipping was incredible! The lid is fantastic. I love that it has a handle for easy carrying to and from places. Definitely nonstick. I did not spray cooking spray before placing my crust inside to test just how nonstick it is. I made a brownie cheesecake and the batter did not leak through the pan. The color is gorgeous. I’m definitely extremely happy with the purchase. Amazing pan! A must buy!”


“This is my first springform pan and I was super excited to try it out and it is AMAZING! Its made well, its strong and sturdy and has a wonderful non stick coating to it. The latch is heavy duty and stays latched and comes unlatched with little effort. The round part when un latched extends making it easy to just lift off. The lid is a great bonus when traveling or storing your baked goods till later. I love to bake and do a lot of it, I decided to try the pan out when making cornbread. My cornbread ALWAYS sticks and it drives me crazy. I’am pleased to announce there was NO sticking what so ever and NO leaking at all. It baked perfectly and even and you can see from my pictures how well it turned out. I can’t wait to use this for all my baking needs.. Rounds cakes, cheese cakes, cornbread’s.. oh my. I would highly recommend this pan. I’am so happy with it. I plan on ordering 2 more to put back for gifts.”


“As a mother of 5 and grandmother of 14 I have done a LOT of baking over the years. In all of those years I have never used a springform cake pan but have always admired the pictures of the cakes and goodies that can be made in one. I got my 10” springform cake pan from Elsterware and couldn’t wait to wash it and bake my first cake in it. I have a recipe for a Meyer Lemon cake that I thought would be a good one to try (translate that to mean I had all of the ingredients in the house already). I prepped the pan by lightly greasing it with butter, mixed up the cake batter and poured it in the pan. My recipe was for a 9” cake pan and this is a 10” one so it is not as high as it would have been in a smaller pan. But it was so easy to pop the latch on the side of the pan and slide the side of the pan off without having to flip the cake upside to get it out of the pan. I was able to apply my lemon glaze to the top of the cake. The included lid with a carry handle made it easy to just put the side and lid on it to store my cake, not that the cake lasted very long. I am happy with my Elster springform cake pan and I’m collecting recipes to use it with.”


“I love the pink for this springform pan! Not only does it look beautiful, it also works so well. I immediately noticed how secure it is; my springforms in the past seemed ready to leak. I enjoy making a frozen hot chocolate cake in the pan- the pan worked well in the freezer and the handy lid was useful to protect from freezer burn. I really appreciated the lid in transporting the cake to my friend’s home. The lid is a unique feature that takes this pan from great to grand!”

-Amazon Customer

“Received my Blue Pan super fast in great condition as previously stated in other’s reviews. The color is as described and shown in the product photos. The lid and handle are a pretty cool touch especially if you are taking the cake to a family get together or any other events. I made a key lime cheese cake using this pan and it worked great! The best part was how easy it was to clean after.”

-Amazon Customer