Tequila Sunrise Cocktail with Blood Orange, Lime, and Mint

Summer time, fun time! While baking is wonderful during any time of year, summer is truly grand because we can finally cool down by the pool with cocktails (it's what we wait for through the winter;). This can be made for adults and kids! Taking out the tequila will be like a snazzy Shirley Temple for the littles :) aren't a fan of tequila? Show us what you do to change this recipe up!

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Elsterware Tequila Sunrise Blood Orange Fizzy Cocktail .JPG


  • ice

  • 2 ounces tequila

  • chilled blood orange soda (San Pellegrino has delicious blood orange soda!)

  • grenadine

  • fresh mint



start with a splash of grenadine on the bottom of each glass. Mix ice, tequila, and blood orange soda in a pitcher and pour over a spoon above the grenadine to get the sunrise layer! Garnish with mint and enjoy!