It’s 1 am and I’m sitting on the tailgate of my truck looking up at the stars. It’s a clear night and my job on this deployment is to guard the F15 Fighter Jets and ensure that no one tries to get on the flight line that should not be there. I’ve got 7 more hours on shift to sit and enjoy the stars, silence, and my own thoughts. First thing that comes to mind is my wife and two children and what I could do to spend more time with them. Everything is online these days, and convenience of Ecommerce is what people choose. And it is what I chose.

My wife enjoys spending much of the day baking and preparing meals for the family and sometimes wishes she had a better pan to use, or something different to get the job done. So what my family and I discussed was starting an online business to provide high quality baking and dining products that would both serve a purpose while simultaneously brightening up the kitchen! And that’s just what we did.

Next was coming up with a name that would eventually be recognized across the world as a provider of vibrant, high quality products for the home. Much of my military career has been here in Germany living on Elsterweg or in English, “Elster way”. The Elster is a European Magpie; a very intelligent bird, recognized by its black, white, and blue feathers and known for surrounding itself with all types of shiny and colorful objects in their nests. Like the nest of an Elster, we wanted to brighten up your home with our decorative line of stylishly colored baking and dining products.

With the need for better quality products and my own personal time management in mind, Elsterware was created to provide the best product for our customer’s homes.


So it’s time to toss out those rusted pans where steel wool only returns it back to its original dull grey or brown color. Invest in a product that you can trust will be high in quality and the product that you can bake in and display. Elsterware’s Springform Pans will give you that ability. Choose a product you won’t find elsewhere; something with unique class you can enjoy, like our Bulgarian Ceramic Mugs.

Elsterware’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you'll be completely satisfied with our products and will continue to rely on our products.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.